Blatant Theft.

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i like this poem so much. It's the poem i put my whole soul into writing(no, its fictional.) and i haven't written a love poem in ages. Oh correction, i haven't written a pure, untainted poem in ages. AHHH i love this. I really thought about each word so carefully! I feel accomplished:)


I'm not sure if I'm dreaming again,

A nightmare in hell, or perfect heaven.

The relighting of a snuffed out flame,

A wishe come true(finally!) at eleven eleven.

Alright, I admit, my heart stopped when I saw you,

But of course I hid it; You were frightening.

I closed my eyes, leaned back down and snoozed,

A daydream forming, my sixth sense tingling.

I am still convinced I'm pretty much in a daze,

Because it's not making sense; my thoughts.

I peek through my eyelids, looking at your face,

My heart starts pounding, feelings out of sort.

Do you think that this could maybe possibly be love?

I don't know, I'm not sure, I'm serious.

Is this just a simple infatuation or something worse?

Surely this kind of thing can't be that obvious!

You know, love at first sight isn't supposed to exist,

But I'm pretty sure the feeling I'm getting now is real.

Oh gosh, I didn't manage to outline or plan this,

Are you sure this isn't just another of my dreams?

Surely you're not meant for me, oh no,

We're ideally opposite, unsuited, clashing.

But does it mean I should abandon all hope,

Ignore you, my possible one and only blessing?

Okay, I'm pretty confused about this love thing,

Does cupid plan before he lets loose his shaft?

Are these symptons, signs, of my falling for him?

I try to act normal and let out a nervous laugh.

I don't want such an opportunity to slip away,

This could be the real deal, and too important.

Gosh, I need divine intervention, settle down and pray,

Letting go of you doesn't seem to be an option.

Am I engaging in some hopeless pining?

For someone I shouldn't and wouldn't have.

Heck, I don't care, I'm already flying,

For you stole my heart babe, a blatant theft.

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