Been there, done that, so overrated.

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OKAY, a little heads up here. This is NOT a revenge poem:) Nope, no guy in real life. This is completely 100% made up by yours truly because she was too stress on a sunday night so she pretended to be a character in her story book. I think this poem is more fun to read because its cuter and way way way less serious. I mean, what the character is trying to say here is that she won't get hurt by a player anymore. The end. No elaborate plots of trying to bring a guy down whatsoever. She's leaving him to be whoever he pleases, with a tiny warning:D


I never really cared that you were the bad guy.

The player of the school, ain't caring two hoots about the sky.

Nope, never bothered that you were breaking hearts,

Didn't even care when those girls had it hard.

Because in my perspective, they were dumb,

To be so gullible and fall for your card.

Oh please, your tricks are so outdated,

No taste, neither sense nor fashion, I stated.

I'll always remember that look on your face,

When I told you that you looked glazed.

Turns out, you were doing your 'smoulder',

No offense, but you looked like you were trying to glower.

You see, Mr Flirt, your tricks ain't working on me,

Been there done that, so overrated I mean.

I've had enough of you guys to even give a damm,

So I'll just say BYE if you threaten to jump of a dam.

Seriously dude, you need to up your game a little,

It's so old-fashioned-I mean, climbing up my window?

I thought Romeo did that to Juliet,

Wait, or did he just sing her a sonnet?

Anyway, a piece of advice, stop hitting on every girl you see,

One day, one of them is just going to stab you and make you bleed.

Nah, just kidding, we're not so vicious,

Maybe we'll just arrange a mob and throw you to the fishes. (:

So, Mr Player, let this be my warning to you,

This beautiful letter is a prologue to what's coming soon.

I write about flirts that get their sorry butts kicked till blue,

So don't make me write one about you too.

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