History Repeats Itself.

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This is for you Tabitha,  for we always shared the same circumstances. I just hope that well..history doesn't repeat itself.


I feel like a little girl sometimes,

Promising not to eat candy, especially that ones that are lime.

Because momma says that it's not good for health,

And she hide the jar is someplace far away in stealth.

I keep my promise for about three days,

until my vision becomes blur and full of haze.

I try and try to control myself, 

But I failed miserably, without much help.

Just like a little girl, I would succumb,

To the tasty candy and chocolate crumbs.

Except for my case, it is worse,

It is the boy with eloquent words and the perfect verse.

I promised not to fall in love with this boy,

Because he whacks up my brain and sends it into a toil.

Ah, I thought I had myself convinced,

That I'm so over him since.

But one look at him, and I lose it completely,

My focus, my thoughts, my sanity,

I get the adrenaline rush and the jealous fit,

The urge to jump of the cliff and get hit.

Well, it's hard for me to put you behind, babe.

But kudos to you, you've made me insane.

You drive me crazy on one side,

Then the other, giddy with the risk of flight.

Because I am just so in love with you,

There, I admit it, as I really do.

But I have to be cautious, for my health,

One slip, and history repeats itself.

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