One Chance.

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You know, usually, I write my poems to girls, and stuff, but this time, I tried somehting different. I've realized that guys(sometimes) don't really know what we're thinking, and this is was fun to write. To the unnamed friend who this is dedicated to, I hope this is of use to you:P 


In this twisted society that we live in,

We only have one single chance.

Once gone, it’s never coming back,

So you better start making plans.

In this world, it’s now or never,

Be it your opportunities, your job; whatever.

It happens once, by luck or crafty planning,

And if you don’t utilize it, it’ll be gone forever.

Take love, for example, and it’s slithery hold,

Always unpredictable and unexpected.

There is never a hundred percent guaranteed success,

And yes, there is a probability of your hopes getting shattered.

But that doesn’t mean that you don’t try,

Better knowing that you’ve tried than failing with nothing.

Who knows? Maybe she’s just as afraid of,

Making the first move because it’s so frightening.

Sometimes, we girls live in a Jane Austen timepiece;

We expect the boy to make the first move.

As Shakespeare wrote, “We should be wooed, and not made to woo,”

We’re not going to do anything, so do something before you lose!

Have more confidence, because you’re worth it,

Get your wit together and create a rising trend.

Trust me, you’re a pretty good catch,

So you better hurry up; You’ve only got once chance!

Be bold, daring, courageous and attractive,

Girls get giggly over this kind of stuff.

Be as brave as Hercules and Theseus,

In pursuit of true love and trust. 

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