Summer Fling.

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THIS IS MY FAVOURITE POEM. well, I didn't intend it to be a summer poem, because they're either too cheery and lovey, or they're just plain heartbreaking. But then again, I can't resist. Enjoy!:)

Summer Fling:

Raindrops slide down my window pane,

Glistening, sparkling, it's all the same.

Perhaps the only difference is how I feel,

Happy or sad, bitter or blue.

It's freezing cold in my tiny room,

I guess this is how it feels without you.

Do you know how much I miss your hands?

Your face, your smile, your beautiful tan.

We belonged in two different worlds,

But does that make it a crime to love?

Is there a law that we had breached,

When we met that night on the beach?

Some people said that it was just a summer fling,

Fun, flirtatious, ending whenever it seems.

I don't know about you, but I disagree,

It was more than that, for you had set me free.

Fear, pain, lost, I was those before I met you.

When you saw me, did you have any clue?

About the terror and fright I had,

The heart that trembled when I picked up your hat.

Of course you didn't; I kept it a secret.

I liked seeing you and your bemudas and t-shirts.

So free, uncontrolled; like the beautiful ocean.

You looked breathtaking when you gave me surfing lessons.

Of course, a summer fling ends when summer does,

And I wondered how it went by so fast.

The inevitable comes; I would miss you.

Trust me, I really would and will.

So let me frame you up in my mind.

Tall, handsome, with smile crinkles and lines.

Your warm arms tight around me in the rain

Sand on our backs, watching seashells get drained.

Maybe next summer, I'll head down again,

To see you, I'll be hoping, wishing, praying.

Until then, I shall curl up in my little room.

Holding your picture to my heart, thinking of you.

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