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OKAY, this poem is purely fictional and for my own sarcastic pleasure. I'm not pointing to anybody. yeah. ANYWAY, I'm still on the roll for those player poems, which is really unhealthy if you ask me, so I told myself that if I write poem(in a way,) I'd write two happy ones so I won't sink into permanent anti-boy fever:) Yay! Anyway, enjoy:P


Hey baby, is it just me,

Being touchy or oversensitive?

Because I'm seeing a trend down here,

That's right, a similar pattern that constantly occurs.

I'm sorry, but I'm morbidly curious.

About how you all can make it so studious.

It almost seems as if you guys plan,

Every twist, every corner, every slam.

No, I'm not jealous, or upset, or even pissed.

Well...maybe just a little pleased.

Hey, I thought that I had read you wrong,

So sweet and angelic with all those songs.

My, oh my, I really do sound angry,

Honestly darling, I'm not the least petty.

As I said, I'm just astoundly amazed,

The calibre you all have to remain unfazed.

Really, do you all have some built in system?

Maybe magical pills to make you solemn?

No? Or maybe hormones that are way too strong,

Oh! I know! A genetic mutation gone wrong?

Then how do you always get the girl?!

oh, don't be so modest, you know it, I'm sure.

Well, you always manage to keep your actions unseen.

And you, my dear, you have a strategy.

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