Rain Kisses.

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HAPPY POEM TIME!:D anyway, this poem is kind of nostalgic for me. I used to absolutely believe that rain was magical and gosh, everytime it rained, I'd go DAMM HIGH:) anyway, though i'm totally in love with the sun now, i thought i'd do a tribute:) this poem is dedicated to AMELIA! for being with me when I was going through the rain mania, and always being there for me when rain turned...well, yeah. :D LOVE YA:D


Rain is a terribly horrible thing.

It's cold, wet, and utterly depressing.

It soils your clothes and wets your shoes,

Makes you wanna sleep and snooze.

I never believed in magic or rain,

I mean, c'mon, they're plain lame.

Fashioned to insert hope into the world,

When in truth, it kills your brain, sure.

But that was what I had thought before I met you,

Nothing I expected, nothing real.

I thought guys like you never existed anymore,

But...maybe...I was wrong.

You made me feel loved and really happy,

Nursed my bruised souul and gave it barely,

Enough sadness to make it cry,

And really, I had thought your type had died.

Even when I did cry, it was of joy,

Joy of being with you, even if I'd fall.

You created heaven from my hell,

Rescued me from the deep dark well.

Rain was a horribly terrible thing.

Until I met you and changed every seam.

My life was no longer bound by stiches,

It was of hugs, love, and rain kisses.

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