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This story is purely fictional:) I just let my imagination go, so it's like exaggerated and deviated from the original idea but who cares! Oh, I just realized that this resembles a song I like. Oh well. Enjoy!:)


Your words to her are like honey,

Sweet as a melting ice cream when it’s sunny.

I see her smile, a tinge of blush,

As usual, my hopes go down in a flush.

As usual, you’re oblivious to my presence,

Your focus is on her, the main essence.

I am nothing but a rusty lamp post,

She’s the soul, and I’m the empty host.

But if you open your eyes just a little,

She’s not as colourful as skittles.

She’s not as wonderful, as beautiful,

She doesn’t fit you like I do.

She dislikes the food we love,

She loves pigeons, while you like doves.

You get made at her, annoyed even,

But your anger eventually softens.

She finds things funny when you don’t.

She digs out the seeds that you had sown.

All your hard work down the drain,

Every time you lose, she gains.

So darling, why can’t you see?

That you’re wrong for her and right for me?

Please don’t torture yourself anymore,

Just be with the first girl you saw.

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