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Exceptionally Bright.

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I've kind of been fascinated by stars since the eclipse. :P 


The stars shine exceptionally bright tonight. I wonder if it’s because of the lack of moon, or your presence that seemed to have thrown my senses into a startling form of awareness that I never knew existed. There is a kind of peaceful quietness in the air, charged with the electrifying need for the silence so only the feelings could be heard. I could feel the wetness of the grass seeping through my thin cotton dress, drenching my back with its sweet dew, giving my skin a slightly sticky feeling that was uncomfortable, but comfortably contrasting the unpleasant feeling.

You haven’t said anything in a long time. Neither haveI. I think that we’ve been lying here for so long, we could have been here for a thousand years, we could have been here for a minute. In any case, I never regretted any second that has passed.

I wonder what you’re thinking. Are you thinking the same thing as me? Are you marveling at the beauty of the stars, as I was doing? I never saw this, but your eyes shine like the stars. They are brown, but when you smile, they light up like the lamps outside my garden. They are warm, not dazzling, and they make me never want to leave.

The cloud covering the silver beams of the moon is drifting away. Soon, the stars will fade beside the brilliance of the moon. Do you prefer the stars, or the moon? Maybe you like the moon more. You’re always so besotted by it, that you never notice anything else until it vanishes for a while. When the moon is out, you see nothing but it's dazzling silver beams. Only when it disappears do you notice the lonesome star beside it. Of course, the moment the moon reappears, you forget about its beauty.

I think that’s the only part I disagree with you. I like to find the rare beauty in nature, or in life. I prefer to treasure the tiny things that people often miss, and when that happens, you can truly see the wonderful facets of the diamond that people don’t interpret at a cursory glance.

I guess that’s how I found you. 

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