The Meeting. (part two of the mermaid legacy)

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This is part two! I like this part alot:) Enjoy and comment!:D


But curiousity got better of her,

She trailed behind, two steps softer.

Until she came upon a tiny lagoon.

Soft and quiet, no birds that swooned.

And then, she lost complete sight of it,

She panicked, and fell right over the lip,

Of the ledge, into the water,

She floundered through, her trashing getting softer.

You see, her whole life, she never touched the sea.

Her mother never did let her, and now she could see.

This water wasn't like the ocean then,

This was dark and scary, frightening to the end.

Then, a strong arm wrapped around her waist,

Pulling her to the surface with much faith.

She felt her lungs relax as she breathed in,

Relief flooding through her with air so clean.

She opened her eyes to see a boy,

With sandy brown hair and a low voice.

He looked over her with much concern,

With a look as if she'll never learn.

Embarrassed, she got up quickly.

Pushed him away, and looked down to see

In shock that he had no legs,

Only a tail, and a pretty face.

The boy looked puzzled as to why she couldn't swim,

Why? She asked. I have no link to the water, I think.

The boy shook his head, as if he didn't believe,

While the girl didn't understand why he couldn't see it.

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