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This is a poem I wrote at the start of the year:)


In literature class, my favourite quote is

The course of true love never did run smooth.

I used to scoff and refuse to ponder about it.

I mean, love is love, what is there to lose?

And then, you came into the picture,

you did more than just rearrange my sleeping time.

You confused me on the day i did my literature.

Honestly, i doubted my own feelings and thought that i was blind.

And then, slowly and slowly, i became more confused.

I started to think that nothing could go wrong.

But i would freak out sometimes and write poems about you too.

I mean, i haven't fallen in love for too long.

But i realised that being with you is like a drug.

I was happy intially, and then it turned into pain.

My favourite vampire story said staying away was hard.

I understsand it now, because there is nothing to gain.

But something else struck me more deeply in the book.

The main character said she had two choices.

One is like the sun, the other a drug, what would she do?

Would you believe i chose the sun, the choice less obvious?

So for this reason, i made my desicion.

That i should stop thinking about having a future with you at all.

I have to keep my crystal heart under protection.

To stop it from leaping off a building everytime you called.

The choice is extremely hard to make, i know

The character in the book took the drug in the end.

But unlike her, the sun is the one i chose

I make sure that i won't hyperventilate at the touch of your hand.

So right now, i think i have it going well.

I haven't thought about you in ages, yeah?

No, i'm not trying to get over you and stay away from hell.

I'm just trying to stay away from tragedy..yes.

When i turned on my laptop today i saw these

post-it things i had written to keep me going.

They won't rhyme well, but they are the keys

to poen the door that has kept me shut in.

It read:

"The castle is the place where i seek solace

The land is the place where i seek sadness.

The sky is the place where i seek freedom

The sea is the place where i seek happiness."

Oddly, these few sentences comfort me.

I guess it reminds me of another world.

Where everything is perfect as what it should be.

A place where...a place where you and i never loved.

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