The Journey. (part six of the mermaid legacy.)

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This part is the absolute most fun part to write! Imagine this scenario: lessons in class+me scribbling things on the foolscap. After a while, I realize that I remember that lesson everytime I read the poem! So basically, this is a good studying technique:D haha enjoy!:D


The girl knew with conviction that,

She had to do it, and hope that no spat,

Will come and hinder her journey.

So she packed her bags and prepared to leave.

Before she moved, the boy took her hand,

And beseeched her to stay safe, and be back by the tenth,

For the timing was very short,

She had to suceed in removing the Fire Lord.

She sighed softly and nodded her thanks,

Smiled sweetly and let go off his hand.

She bade him to go back to the sea,

To protect his people from any harm he sees.

And so, she set off, climbing the hill,

Fighting dragons and sphinixes with all her will.

She rounded the lagoons and crystal caves,

Shielding her eyes from the piercing glare and haze.

Finally, she reached the forbidding castle,

Tall, dark, so scary she could scarcely muster

The courage to move forward and enter.

But if she gave up, she will face the mermaids' slander.

She moved closer and saw with dismay,

The tallest portcullis ever made.

It's walls were well-protected and fortified,

Reaching to the sky and way up high.

And then, she felt the water touch her leg,

She knew then that it was fate.

She lunged into the moat without any hesitation,

Fearless, trusting, as her reputation.

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