This Day.

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Okay, I know I haven't uploaded poems in a LONG while, but I was busy! Well, this poem is dedicated to my SEC FOUR MODERN DANCERS, because you guys rock, and I'm depressed that we're never going to dance together again, but I LOVE YOU ALL, and this poem signifies our journey, in medivial context. LOVE YA:)


The clouds loomed overhead threateningly,

As I relieved the memories two years ago.

When we lost the battles to the kings and queens,

And we witnessed our hearts crashed back down low.

A terrible moment when we lost all hope,

Ushered away by the knights on the fields.

When we lost all belief that we couldn't cope,

Protect the villagers from warfare under our shields.

As we sat at the sunset with our bloodstained blades,

Feeling the weight of our sorry loss.

We swore to protect the towns from the dreadful hate,

Pick ourselves up for this new course.

Yet soon enough, orders were passed down,

A new war had begun all around.

We polished our helms and set off for mountain's crown,

Fixating our goal, keep our eyes to surround.

And then a battle raged on for months,

We fought with our lastest breaths.

Forsook the warm beds and the hunts,

And gave everything that we should have.

I will never forget this day as it seems,

When we drove our swords and held up our flasks.

When we emerged as Kings and Queens,

In front of a crowd who used to mock us.

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