Drama Queen.

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We're all like that sometimes. :) 


So I like flashy nail polish,

And dyed hair, and bright clothes.

Oh, don’t forget the silver eye shadow,

And those earrings with lollipop floats.

So I have a hell lot of scandals,

And I like to flirt and smile.

I like blowing up tiny things,

Unearthing soil and tiles.

So I make a fuss of your attitude,

And I’m in the cheerleading squad.

I like to giggle and wink,

And I’m absolutely flawed.

So I complain about guys not being gentlemen,

And I change my wardrobe every month.

I’m a whole pack of problems put together,

And sometimes, I can be a little blunt.

So I hate studying and I fuss,

About everything in my life every second.

I have a closet of broken dreams,

And I don’t keep to my plans.

So what then? Am I perfect?

No, I’m not, not what it seems.

Think all you want, for

I’m just your typical drama queen. 

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