Uninvited Guests.

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The most painful part of infatuation. 


There are stages to infatuation,

And not all are pretty and happy.

Sure, there are the freakishly magical moments,

But also the ultra depressing moments, sadly.

The most painful, agonizing feeling,

Occurs when it’s our wishful thinking.

Oh, cruel spite, when that happens,

We feel self-pity, grief and utter pleading.

We are rejected by false hope,

And that makes it worse.

For we have to pretend that nothing’s wrong,

And speak only the correct words.

But of course, I’m still depressed,

For those feelings won’t go away.

Oh no, those are uninvited guests,

Annoying, but definitely here to stay.

You see, this is what I hate about crushes;

They’re so insanely unpredictable.

One moment, you’re on cloud nine,

And the next, you’re just miserable.

They say that its part of life,

But it doesn’t mean that it can’t suck.

Look at the hopeless pining,

It’s only going to break my heart.

I wish that these feelings would go away,

So I get my sanity back.

Stop this rollercoaster rush of emotions,

Take away this nonsensical fret.

But of course, that wouldn’t happen,

That’s not how the river flows.

I’m meant to be tormented and depressed,

For that’s how the game goes. 

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