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HELLOHELLO:) OMG I'M like half dead from learning journey, but oh well. it was fun! anyway, this poem was bascially written about the simple hazards of life. I got inspired when i saw this dude nearly fall in the train, and i was like, "OMG DANGER! eh? poem!" yeah:) this is dedicated to joycelyn, because she totally motivated me to write even more!:D


A trip down a spiral staircase,

Air full of toxic waste.

Danger is everywhere we go,

Unavoidable, notorious and slow.

Losing your balance in a crowded train,

Forgetting your umbrella when it's about to rain.

Falling face flat on an escalator,

Conveniently forgetting your medicine until much later.

Accidentally swallowing a coin,

Popping or dislocating a joint.

Knocking your head on the granite floor,

Slamming your back against the door.

Dancing and colliding with a staircase,

Tripping over your own shoelace.

Getting a paper cut on your finger,

And old dull joint ache that lingers.

Falling while cycling up a hill,

Touching the iron with no feel.

Tossing yourself into a drain,

Gulping down a glass of acid rain.

Tearing a ligament down a slippery slope,

Smashing a football with your pinky instead of your toe.

Jabbing yourself with a needle while sewing,

Scalding yourself with the flask you're holding.

Everywhere we go, it simply exists,

Keeping us on the edge, and never at ease.

It's a never-ending, infite list.

Danger, that's what it is.

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