Heart's Vacation.

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HELLO! THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVOURITE POEMS! it's so peaceful and calm...yeah, I just love it because it's the best kind of poem: the relaxing and soothing kind:)


I never thought there will be this day,

When I'll utter these words.

Never thought that I would actually lay,

My heavy heart down to sleep in another world.

I think my heart has spent too much time out in society,

So much that it has rickety knees now,

It had wasted too much time colliding,

With other hearts from out of town.

So now, I gave it vacation at the countryside,

To spend it with village girls and their flowers.

It's travelling up mountains of spectacular heights,

Spending nights in forests with frost showers.

And amazingly, it feels grateful and really free.

It's gamboling around the grass and smiling.

It travelled around the capital planting seeds,

Went to crevices and saved witches from dying.

Now, in this world, my soul has taken centre stage,

It's teaching  me how to live without love,

To overcome with strength against hate,

To learn to breathe without the help of a dove.

So, perhaps the little break was a good idea,

It gave me a chance to see what life really is.

My heart's following wherever she wants to take her,

My soul's going wherever it wants to be.

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