"My Dance."

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This was for my friend who loves dancing. I could really relate to this because I love dancing too! Enjoy!

My Dance:

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there lived a girl called Nicole. She was a pretty girl, with black hair that fell to her shoulders and pretty brown eyes that could light up when she smiled. She lived in a town, full of life and activity. Nicole loved to sit on the steps outside her house and see the little children run around playing, with no worries or troubles. She loved to see the shops open in the morning, with colourful scarves flying in the wind to attract the attention of the customers and the lanterns lit up at night to guide a weary traveller to shelter. But above all this, Nicole loved to dance.

Dancing was something she has always loved to do since young. She loved the feel of her limbs stretching sinuously as she let her body do the work. The feeling of it was pleasant, and it made her smile so often. She loved market day, where a platform would be set up in the middle of the town and the people will just dance together. It was a thing everyone loved and did together, and it made her smile too. She would stare at the beautiful dancers on stage twirling around in ribbons of pink and gold and would dream that one day, she would be able to do the same.

However, Nicole wasn't allowed to dance. Her father forbidden her to dance, as he thought that it would bring her no good. There was nothing she could do, except sometimes, when it was close to midnight, she would sneak outside and dance to heart's content.

One day, a royal proclamation was sent to the town. It had told that the princess in the capital was in search of dancers. Nicole's heart had quickened at the news. She had long heard that the princess loved to dance and now, she was in search of people who could dance with her. The only worry she had was..her father. Father would never allow her to go off to dance. But this was her only chance. She had to go. So, Nicole slipped into the town library and took out the map of the province. The capital was about three days journey from the town. She wouldn't be able to take the carriage just like the other girls but she should make it to the capital in time. So that night, she packed a sack of food and a pouch of coins, and then, she left.

The journey was not easy, for Nicole had never left the town. She sought shelter from the towns she passed, for the lanterns at their doors showed their welcome to the weary traveller yet during the day, she was miserable. The heat was painful and sometimes, she would think that she would die. But nevertheless, she pressed on and finally, she saw the grey columns of the portcullis no more than a league away.

The capital was very unlike the town. It was huge, and bustling with people rushing around continuously, purchasing this and that. For a moment, Nicole was a little afraid of the capital. She was alone here, and had no friends. Then, she remembered that she had a dance to do. For the first time, she could dance without any fear of being discovered. Following the map that she had nicked from the library, she slowly found her way to the royal palace.

The palace, like the rest of the capital, was frightening in its splendor. It had gold walls and silver edges that gleamed under the sunlight and it was so tall and intimidating, Nicole almost turned back. Almost. Taking a deep breath, she stepped through the portcullis that was down over the moat and went in to dance.

The room for which she was brought into was huge, with white tiles and light blue curtains to match the velvet seats at the throne area. On one of the seats was a big burly man with a wispy beard and blue eyes that looked as though they could read her minds. Nicole shuddered a little and moved to her position in the middle of the floor.

"What are you here for?" He asked, his voice deep and gravelly.

"To dance, sir." She said, trying to keep her voice from trembling.

The man eyed her warily.

"From which city do you hail?" He asked.

Nicole swallowed nervously.

"I'm from a town sir." She squeaked.

The man's eyes narrowed.

"You think that with your position, you can expect to dance in front of me?" He asked incredulously.

Nicole felt anger rush to her head. So, this man thought of lowly of her.

"The same way I feel about showcasing my dance to you." She snapped.

The man glared at her.

"Begin." He said.

The music wafted through the air from another room and instinctively, Nicole knew that that was her cue. It was happy and joyous, just like how she was feeling. It felt almost natural to dance, as it was the rule of her life. She moved effortlessly, turning as and when she liked, and before she knew it, she was done. She stood there, panting a little as she waited to be judged.

The man looked doubtful.

"Your way of dancing is very very different from ours. I do not think Her Highness would like it." He said, a big smirk on his face.

Nicole felt her heart sink to the bottom of her gut. All her efforts were wasted! She had expended so much energy into making her way here, and to learn that she was rejected because her style of dancing was different was heartbreaking. No, maybe it was even due to the fact that this man thought lowly of her. She was about to leave dejectedly when she heard a soft voice.

"I think that that was alright." Nicole heard it.

She spun around to see a girl with long black hair just like hers, standing at the doorway, her arms folded, smiling at the man.

"Er..it was, Princess?" The man blubbered.

"Oh yes. It's new to me, so I might think that it will do us good to learn a new art of dance. Besides, she dances excellently." The princess smiled at Nicole kindly.

Nicole could barely contain her excitement. It took every ounce of strength she possessed from jumping in joy and to start dancing.

"So, you will accept her? Even if she was from a town?" The man's voice echoed with disgust.

"Why not? You were from the village weren't you?" The princess asked coolly.

Nicole watched the man redden in embarrassment. So, he was from a village huh? How charming of him to throw his weight around like that.

The princess ignored the man. She turned to Nicole.

"So, will you accept my offer of becoming one of my dancers?" She asked.

Nicole couldn't help but break into a big grin.

"Yes! Yes I will!"

The End.

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