Emerald Treasure.

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HELLO MY FRIENDS!:) HAHA, I'd thought I try something new, and here I am. I was talking to my friends today how movies made from magical books don't turn out perfect because magic is subject to each person's different perspective. And so, I realized that if there is one thing we really, truly dream up on our own, its magic! Isn't it cool? I mean, even if you don't like magic, when you read about it, you have your own perception of what it is that is different from everyone else's. And so, I thought that I would add this segment to fairypoems, and that is these little excerpts that don't make sense to anyone(because it has no link.) and I'll leave it up to you to dream about it! Don't ask me what it really means, because I wouldn't know. You should know by now that when I write, I don't really plan; rather, I just type whatever that comes to my mind. SO....I'll leave it to you to think about this shortish excerpt:)


Taleisha is a fifteen year old, with black hair and green eyes.

  "Oh my gosh," I breathed as I stepped into the great canopy.

  I was beyond words. There was nothing that could describe the majestic and beautiful forest I had just entered. The trees towered above my head, blocking out the early sunshine that barely managed to stream in through those gaps that the interlocking branches couldn't block. The ground was soft, the moss and algae covering every inch of the concrete path that was probably existent ten million years ago. It made a green path that winded around the huge willow trees with their hanging leaves and tall pine trees with their strong stature. I took a step forward, smiling as I soaked in the natural, soft chirping of the crickets and the buzz of nature, ringing in my ears. It seems that was nothing that sounded horrible in nature. From the crunch of the leaves under my feet to the tiny drip drops of dew on the leaves sounded perfect, and I never felt so at peace.

  I travelled down the luminious green path and rounded the corner, touching the old, gnarled bark of the tree along the way. I saw plants twine their roots around the rusted railings of staircases that were overlaid with leaves and bright flowers. I never believed such a place existing in the middle of such a big city! I laughed in delight as I spotted a lizard darting up one of those gray stones, its body still half green from the ground. Not wanting to startle it, I stepped quietly to the other side and then, I stopped.

  Not possible. It wasn't possible. I haven't seen this place in years...in...I haven't seen it for so long. 

  I stepped out of the shady cloister of leaves and into the bright sunlight that my skin seemed to absorb like some sponge. My hand trembling a little, I reached out and touched the lamp post that seemed so weathered and sturdy at the same time. I tore my gaze away from it and stared at the concrete slabs, white and almost glowinig under the bright light. Forty two steps, I thought. Forty two steps with another lamp post at the other end. I lifted my head to the big tree that guarded over this wondrous place. It's leaves were yellowing a little, but still infinite in its amount, shading the stones of the path.

  The path to somewhere I missed so much. But...how could it appear now? Why could it have appeared now? I touched the lamp post again, and light flickered into the bulb. It flickered twice before shining its light onto the first step in front, with weeds and flowers crowding over it.

  I stared at the forest for awhile. This forest wasn't real. It was connected to the path, in some way or the other. I took a deep breath and pushed aside all my doubts and worries. 

  I stepped onto the first slab.

Where do you think she's going? :)

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