Roof and Floor.

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This poem was something I had to write. The feeling was too perfect, and I couldn't lose it. Sarah, I dedicate this to you for being there with me when I felt all these in that beautiful place. After Os, can you come with me to the cathedral so I can relieve the feeling? Please? Please with a strawberry? :) 


There is this feeling I can’t describe,

This overwhelming poignant rush.

The very moment I stepped into a cathedral,

My mind, my world, it falls into a hush.

There is this heavy pull at my stomach,

Uncomfortable, as if a note.

I can feel goose bumps forming as I,

Feel my soul bared, naked but clothed.

There is the overwhelming feeling of tears,

That threaten to spill all the time.

In the cathedral, or walking in a church,

I can just stand there, trying not to cry.

There is this happiness that I get,

As I look at the stained glass and all.

Something stirring, something magical,

I feel my chest constricting, unable to stand tall.

There is this presence I feel when I’m there,

And I feel safe and secure.

Nothing can harm me, or hurt me,

A kind of forgiveness is all I implore.

There is this benevolent spirit with me,

As I walk through those wooden doors.

I bow my head in prayer and thank,

Him for providing me with this haven, roof and floor. 

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