The Society Rules.

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This poem is basically about something I had observed in school. No matter how much we try to kid ourselves, admit it, you do need skills to fit in with your friends. You need to know at least what to do at the circumstance, and you need to learn not what to do. If you lose sight of those rules, you may not make it out of the society alive.


In the cold hard world out there,

Every child needs to learn.

If they don't, they'll get stung by the thorns,

Under the roses, and made to serve.

When dealing with those uptowners,

Always remember your place.

Never attempt to ursup their position,

You may end up in a blaze.

Never, ever, ever try to fit in,

By blabbering about mundane things.

You'd end up offending someone else,

And start the chain reaction of breaking links.

When you listen to other people troubles,

Listen, not judge, and comfort, not correct.

Your words may injure them even more,

And if you're the victim, you shouldn't even be doing that.

If you feel inconsolable yourself,

Keep those powerful emotions to yourself.

Don't wish to pull others down to make yourself feel better,

But deal with it quietly and marvellous stealth.

Because out in that cold world,

No one's going to sympathise with you.

You're just going to have to learn and adapt,

Memorize by hear the society rules.

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