False Hope.

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False hope is the one thing I hate the most in this world. Period. 


False hope is the cruelest form of torture,

And it should never have existed.

I’m pretty sure that it definitely is,

One of the deadly sins listed.

It’s like promising a child a future,

Before pulling the trigger of your gun.

It’s the sadistic pleasure of ruining a life,

The shitload of adrenaline and fun.

It’s like assuring the girl you’ll take care of her heart,

Before you smash it apart with your sword.

You derive happiness from the shards of her dignity,

Laugh in her face as you admit that you’re flawed.

It’s like agreeing to save the day from disaster,

Before backing out last minute and let everything fall.

You sit there and chuckle at the tears and blood,

You’re full of fear lust, thirsting for war.

It’s like pretending to like the boy,

Because you’re too afraid to tell him that you won’t.

Then, when it gets too much, and you start to freak,

You fun away fast, leaving him despaired, whispering, “Don’t.”

False hope should never be used,

To fuel your reluctance to be firm.

If you love it, oh my, that isn’t good,

Would you like a ‘most sadistic person’ commendation? 

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