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We all feel like that sometimes, and I realized that this is an inevitable, but necessary process that we have to learn to overcome. It's hard, but oh well. :) 


The moment when she walks in,

You know you lost your chance.

If you ever wanted to be in the spotlight,

You’ve now left with only some.

She has the best personality,

And the eyes, the nose, the hair, the voice;

Fine, she’s everything you’re not,

And you’re nothing but static and unwanted noise.

You’re a wallflower, faded;

Non-existent, gently unassuming.

Technically, you are the fine dust,

Noticed only doing spring cleaning.

But what they don’t know,

Is that you’re a beautiful flower.

The sunshine, the rainfall,

The beautiful scenery when you go slower.

They go after the sparkling champagne,

While you’re the dark red wine.

They don’t know that after the third sip,

They discover a sensation lost to them the whole time.

Yeah, you may be a wallflower,

But you’re still pretty and beautiful.

All wallflowers have petals,

Sweet smelling, and brightly colorful.

Smile, because it doesn’t matter,

Whether you’re a toothpick or a tower.

Because my dear wallflower,

You’re still a beautiful flower. 

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