Until the End.

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HELLO MY DEARS! i WAS supposed to be studying today but I got really distracted halfway through and POOF, out came this poem. I think those who know me really well should know that DUDE, i HEART those kinda childhood friends into romance kinda stuff, like SERIOUSLY SERIOUSLY love it thing(all my stories always have a childhood friend) SO, this poem is about the same thing. it's a little like the poem, "King and Queen" (a really old poem) but i guess its a little sweeter and sadder:)

Oh, it's dedicated to Amelia, for studying with me today!:D 


Seven years ago, when I was a little girl,

Bullied by others and constantly getting leered.

You were my only friend at that time,

Hearing me cry at their horrible sighs.

We grew up and I had glasses and braces,

But you were still my friend, playing car and races.

You loved my boyish side and my frank words,

We'd scruffle and wrestle together until it hurt.

When I realized that the guy I liked,

Shattered my heart, you ran after him for a fight,

You stayed in a hospital for a week after that,

Silly boy, you injured yourself because he called me fat!

We belonged in different leagues, you and I,

I was non-existent, and you were oh so high.

Nevertheless, you never did forget me,

Held my hand when they yanked the braces off my teeth.

Then suddenly, I was pretty and popular,

No longer subjected to insults and jeers.

But after a while, I would still get heartbroken,

Become dismal, morbid, stricken.

You still stayed by me through it all,

Letting me cry, my tears like a waterfall.

You held me as I sobbed myself to sleep,

Even when you were hurting really deep.

I'm not sure if you know that I feel this way,

Because I'm afraid that you'll go away.

The reason why I keep getting my heart broken again and again,

Is so that you would stay with me till the end.

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