"Summer and Winter"

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HELLO HELLO! i have checked Fairypoems out, and i see that it's #317 on wattpad or something! I'm HAPPY!:) anyway, I haven't uploaded this in a LONG time, so here you go! This is dedicated to Yu Xuan, being the inspiration for so MANY of my fairytales! This is for you dear!:)

  Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there lived a girl. She lived on the edge of the mountains with skin as pale as the snow drifts and black hair like the shadow of the moon. She lived with her family, for some unknown reason, they had never been able to go back into the capital. The girl lived a quiet life, tending to the hearth during the day, and plucking the white roses by the night. She loved to make necklaces, and being a lonely child, she had barely nothing to amuse herself with but with the flowers.

  One night, while gathering flowers under the silver moonlight, she spotted two pairs of eyes following her movements. Being one of inquisitive nature, she continued gathering her flowers, peeking out of the corners of her eyes once in a while. Soon, the two pairs of eyes grew closer, and with the rustle of the bushes, out came a boy and a girl.

  The boy was of her age, with bright brown eyes and early smile crinkles, as if he did smile a lot. The girl was younger, with mousey brown hair and frightened green eyes. She was limping on one leg, with one hand clutching a crossed-eyed doll against her white night gown. They both looked drenched, and terribly cold. The girl got up immediately and ran to them.

  "Are you both alright?" She asked.

  The little girl whimpered a little, and hid behind her brother.

  "I am afraid to say that we are quite lost." The boy admitted.

  The girl bent down to the little girl and smiled encouraginly. She must have been frightened and hurting, and terribly afraid.

  "Hello my dear, what is your name? My name is Sterculia." She said kindly. 

  The little girl looked at her in fright.

  "Her name is Gemma." The boy offered.

  Sterculia smiled and held out the rose necklace she had threaded.

  "Isn't this pretty? Now, would you like to have it?" She offered.

  Gemma touched one of the roses in wonder and smiled, her eyes lighting up.

  "Yes please!" She squeaked.

  Sterculia grinned and stood up, facing the boy. 

  "I am Oliver." He introduced.

  Sterculia cutseyed, coughing self conciously.

  "What brings you both here so high up?" She asked.

  Oliver winced a little.

  "It is a long story. I would be sorry to intrude upon your hospitality, but I am afraid Gemma might fall more ill if she stays outside." He started.

  Sterculia was jolted into proper thinking then.

  "Oh yes, yes you can. Follow me!" She said quickly.

  "And which part of the captial do you hail from?" Father asked Oliver.

  Sterculia looked up from her bandaging of Gemma's feet. Father had usually been distant and quiet if they had any guests. How is it that he showed so much interest now?

  "The northern province, sir. The weather there is harsh and cold." He added.

  "And why have you come here? It has been a long journery for you." Father said.

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