The Prudence Concept.

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I got this idea when I was in the bus. I was revising my POA in class on the concepts and BAM, it just hit me. Life is just like the prudence concept. Ever get that feeling where you expect things to be a total awesome and it the end, it just flops? Or when you're so damn sure things are going to suck and it becomes the best day of your life. Seriously, that  happens to me way to often. So, the prudence concept became my motto:)


In Principles of Accounts,

There is a concept known as prudence.

We shall never overstate our assets,

For fear that we would lose all and burn.

It also states that we should never,

Ever understate our liabilities.

We have to keep our flaws to the maximum,

Work hard at making our lives a breeze.

I think that life is just like that:

Never ever put yourself in a high position,

You never know when you're going to fall,

You never know when you're going to learn.

Just when you reach the peak of your career,

Imagine yourself at the lowest.

That way, you can continue ascending,

Take on the risk to become flawless. 

Never be the complacent one,

Even when your friends tell you so.

Continue to keep your head low,

And harvest the seeds you're going to sow.

Life is just like the Prudence Concept,

Keep this in mind, and you'll be fine.

You never place yourself in harm's way,

Because you know where to draw the line.

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