The Plan. (part eight of the mermaid legacy)

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I need to stop forgetting about my stories. This is like, the twentieth time I'm re-reading the legacy! Gosh! Anyway, this was written like a million years ago, and I can't believe I forgot about it. Enjoy! :D 


Six days later, she found a cottage, 

Hanging off a cliff with water shortage.

She trudged up the brown hill,

Lit the lamps and started the mill.

There, she plotted and planned,

While feeding the chickens, ploughing the land.

Day and night, she experimented with fevour,

Hoping to kill off the Fire Lord forever.

One day, as she sat at the edge of her hill,

With the chickens running down a blue dyed deel.

She thought of how much she missed her mother,

When suddenly, she heard a low, warm chuckle.

She jumped in fright, and slipped down the planks,

And landed straight into the boy's hands.

He smiled as he looked at her,

Saying that he missed her so much, as a whisper.

The girl could hardly believe her eyes,

That this beautiful boy was in her life.

Nevertheless, she knew that he couldn't stay,

For the potion's magic would unravel in a fray.

So, with a heavy heart, she bade him go,

To dive straight underwater, and stay low.

He was reluctant to leave but he knew he had to,

So he kissed her forehead and below the surface he flew.

The girl went back to her house,

And caught a slinking mouse.

She lit a fire with a match,

And stirred the potion to her last.  

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