Your Line.

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Somehow, after all this time, maybe i was wrong,

I thought that this was better, when you sang me that song,

But this sickly feeling that seems trapped in my gut,

I recognize this as the breaking of my heart.

Words alone cannot describe how i feel now,

I have never felt so lost like a cow.

All i have left is my paper and pen,

so insufficient as such a plan.

Nevertheless, on a plain barren hill i sat,

To stencil down the thoughts on a rock so flat.

I had to express how i really felt about you

Or else my homework i will never do.

It was nearly midnight when i was done.

I looked at the stars and headed straight down,

Back to reality where i had to deal with you.

As i said, i never really learned my lessons, oops.

I know that you're not right for me, never

My mom warned me to stay away forever.

I slipped a little, and here i am now

Oh, who cares, i can fix this somehow.

My phone is playing songs written my pencil,

just like how i'm writing this poem-oh cancel

that wrong word which i oftened spluttered wrongly.

I don't mean it, I really am sorry.

Sweetheart, its not my fault that it had to be like this.

I have been warned, or so i think.

Dear, i apologize for any wrongdoing of mine

I was only somehow following your line.

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