Your Approval.

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HI FRIENDS. OH MY GOSH, I MISS WRITING POEMS. Well, I think I missed it too much that I wrote so many at one go. Anyway, this poem is a little linked to one of my other stories. Just a little. :)


I’m just a puppet on your strings,

Controlled by you and only you.

My hopes, my dreams dashed again,

Stop doing that, please, I appeal.

My love life, you twisted,

So for once, give me that freedom.

I want you to stop being in charge.

A pauper in your Kingdom.

I tried so hard to stop loving him,

For your sake, especially!

But no, you had to take away every chance,

And now I ask you to stop specifically.

They all love you, and I agree,

But don’t take away my right to like.

All I’m asking is for a chance,

Not for love, but hope, and not for spite.

So please, don’t deny me my happiness,

All I want is to look at him.

He’s already yours, no worries,

Nothing will shake his heart it seems.

So please, I beg of you,

Don’t be so cruel.

Don’t dash my hopes, my dreams, my wishes,

Just give me  your approval.

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