Magical Touch.

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I was at this place at Fort Canning last night, and oh my gosh, it was so freaking magical. I just love it so much. Like I could feel the magic, the dust, the stars, the knights, the princesses and AHHHHH I just had to write this. :) 


The stones are gray and cobbled,

And they go down in a spiral.

There are stairs, slippery,

And the perfect hideout.

Maybe it’s the rain that makes it shine,

Like the stars at night.

It’s like the eclipse that happened last week,

When they sparkled extremely bright.

In any case, the stones were glowing,

With a magical touch to them.

Don’t ask me why, I don’t know,

But they shimmered under my hands.

And then there were those high walls,

As if any moment, a knight will come riding through.

To go off to war, to protect his beloved,

As if some magic dust blew.

And the ground felt ancient,

Like it has been paved for ages.

Maybe to the era of the knights,

And it was once written in pages.

When you look up,

The sky is shrouded by the trees above.

You can’t see the stars,

But no matter, they’re already below.

It’s there where you feel so wonderful,

As if you could hold the world in your hands.

It’s there did I feel the magical touch,

As light as a feather, as small as the sand. 

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