Mind Game.

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This poem is stemmed from the idea I got from a friend. She was confiding in me about those games some guys play..and I had this idea from the perpective of a girl who is tormented my a guy who does that all the time. As it goes, a girl is never rational when she's in love. So, through the poem, you can see clearly that the guy is so not worth it, but she still feels that he has good points, despite the mind games. Ah? See it? She's irrational:) She's in love. :)


I'm becoming detached with my emotions here,

I thought that all the messed up sludge was over.

I assumed that we had cleared up all this crap.

Guilt. That's what I feel when you wait for me,

Your never ending patience is something no one sees.

But truthfully, you have no need to do so,

Because I think I just become more cold.

Discomfort. That's my main problem now,

Becuase I don't know what to do when you count

And remember all my good points,

Because I don't deserve it, the magic that you aniont.

Misery. I really dislike it when you play mind games,

Because I'm so wary and terribly afraid

That if I'm not careful, I will hurt you,

So much that I don't tell you that I've caught the flu.

The reason why I stopped liking you was,

Because I could see your flaws.

I didn't want to ruin and destroy,

Our friendship, launch us into turmoil.

That is the true reason I can't let you know,

But it didn't matter, because I was slow,

In realizing that you had some commitment,

From falling in love, as so you've learned.

But regardless, please stop playing,

Those mind games, I'm just saying.

Becuase it truly hurts and sucks for me,

I become blind and unable to see.

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