The 'Dao' Game.

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HELLO! THIS is dedicated to my best friend, the awesomest one earth ever has! I hope this brought out all the frustration and sadness about that person, and yeah, let it be a lesson for all girls too! :)

P.s: Read the capital letters. The msg won't make sense, but it will to her:)


 hey baby, how are ya feeling today?

good enough so That you won't ignore me when i Say,

"dude, you need to stop playing this game,

it's stupid, lame and driving me insane!"

if you wanna chat or talK on sms,

please, please remember to reply really fast,

because time is precious, it can't be regained,

and i'm so not wasting it on You, because i'm sane.

in singlish, we call ignOring 'dao'.

do yoU know who many times i use that worD when i'm in tOwn?

when i meet my friends for tea and coffee,

i''ll talk about you and your latest trophies.

No, no, no, don'T use the excuse that we do it too.

because we only start right after you do.

do you know the Panic, the fear, the fright we get?

because it seems Like you just don't give a dAmm.

i don't know which crossroads You're stopping at now,

because i know that i'm not listening to the sounds,

of love of which you're implorinG,

and no, my heart Is so not flutteRing and soaring.

so let this be a warning to you,

yes, i mean it, i really do.

if you wanna act smart and play the 'dao' game,

go on, try it, and we'Ll all do the Same.

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