The Sound. (part three of the mermaid legacy)

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This is part three! I like making prophesies. It actually allows you to stretch your imagination to your fullest and there is this satisfaction you derive when you actually think of one. :)

The Sound:

Because when he was younger, his mama told,

Him of a story, a princess sold.

To save the lives of thousands of mermaids to come,

Lost was she to the land up front.

The stories depicted the princess prettily,

Ever merman knew it righteously,

She will ride the chariot, hair like sun.

The power to both swim and run.

But when the boy looked at the girl,

He was confused, and a little unsure.

She looked like the princess, yes.

She should be able to swim, nevertheless.

Just then, the conch horn was blown,

The sound mermaids own.

The girl's eyes lit up, her eyes wide,

I know that, she said, her hair reflecting the light.

It seems as if I've dreamt about this,

She said. It's the sound of a fist.

Ordering you to go, is it not?

A king's rule under the palace with his lot.

The boy knew then that he had to take her there,

He offered his knighthood and a prayer,

That he had seen right, and not mistaken.

For if he did, it won't be just another lesson learnt.

He told her this, and she was surprised.

It was impossible, they were lies!

But the boy pleaded her to try,

She was something different, unlike his life.

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