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This was a poem written because I was so bored. I'm getting my writing mojo back!:D I'm happy:) 


Of all the million love advice I had given,

There is one particular one I avoided.

It should only be used as a last resort,

So as the relationship doesn’t end up smothered.

There are things we can do to win a person’s heart,

But some methods should never be tried.

Especially the method of changing yourself,

It’s even worse than being a coward that hides. 

When we fall in love with a person,

We like certain characteristics and traits.

If you change, you write over those parts of you,

And in the end, you only become more afraid.

If two people are meant to be with each other,

They should fit like a jigsaw puzzle.

No changes, no alterations, no problems;

Nothing but the piece-together hassle.

My point is, don’t change yourself for infatuation,

Because it ain’t love, it’s not going to work.

Infatuation is fast, fleeting and subjective,

And it could be a crush, a romance, a fling, or a flirt.

So, sweethearts, unless your instincts scream,

Don’t ever, ever change for a crush.

They probably love you for who you are,

So take your time, and don’t rush. 

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