It takes Two Hands to Clap.

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flirting may seem like A really easy thing,

but it takes two hands to clap.

so don't push all the blaMe to us, there is no link,

your wOrds strike me like a slap.

at first, my impreSsion of you was really good

and then it just dropped drasticallY

you were such a gentleman and so nOt rUde,

i guess its just a facade and all that it'll ever be.

once in a while, i'd Ask myself

how on earth did i like eating cookies?

i guess i was Really that blind, oh hElp!

this is a problem that keeps occuring to me.

oh my cookie dear and precious Sweetheart

do you know what yoU did to me?

you ruined my life, no offence, and made it hard

but thank you darling, you taught me how to see.

what a donkey you are, and a failure at that

with an egoistiCal self-rigHteous mind

you're that fAbulous, oh please no lady gaga hats

guess i forgot to tell you that the last worD is always mine.

sO while you're out in the world still doiNg youre flirting

and breaking millions of girls' hearts

let me rEmind you of something,

about me forgetting this? it's rather hard

and when you've settled down with tourism

i swear this will come to haunt You

no, its not of any particular reason

just that you chose the wrong heart to attempt to kill.

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