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I've tried uploading this onto inkpop for like ten million times but it's just being stubborn and annoying. Besides, I like it better on wattpad:) It's just a pity that you can't see the awesome cover I made for this poem. Anyway, this poem is another haiku! I swear, I'm in love with haikus. I wanted it to be a happy poem with balloons  BUTTTTT, failed. So, enjoy this equally morbid poem:) 


I used to be brave.

That was centuries ago.

Now, I am nothing.

I am proud to say,

I had chased elusive love,

A long time ago.

It’s hard to run fast,

When your soul is tied to his.

So I fell and stopped.

It had hurt so much,

All the blood, the pain, the shame.

Drip drop; the rain tears.

So then, I got up,

And locked my heart securely.

Then swallowed the key.

So now, I am scared,

Afraid of losing my life.

I hide in my shell.

I am a coward.

I admit, I can’t chase love.

So, I let it come. 

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