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Modern Dancers, I'll miss you to bits! Thank you for your beautiful party!

Years ago, I had hated dance.

It was my bane, my curse from the very start.

Nevertheless, I tried to change my views,

And at this moment, I believe I do.

I’m in the bus, listening to rain,

Delightful and happy that it was not in vain.

When I made that choice to join modern dance,

I opened a door to happy tears, laughter and fun.

I love the friends I made there the past four years,

They taught me how to live, love and even learn.

They listened to every whimper, every cry,

Gave me fantastic advice late at night.

Their names are Nicole, Alicia, Ferine,

Yu Xuan, Xin Tian, Isabelle, Cherry and Gui Min.

All nine of you are beautiful and perfect,

Don’t ever let anyone tell you you’re less than that!

I love the juniors who dance so well,

You inspire me all the the time, as you can tell.

Thank you for the wonderful farewell party,

Though I wished it didn't happen, because it means we have to leave.

The food was awesome, the presents were pretty,

The rose, the cards, and the cake all made me laugh silly.

I'll miss all of you when I leave,

Thank you for being the best cca I'll ever lead!

I love the teachers who take care of us,

All are pretty, talented and smart.

There are Ms Poh, Mrs Tan, and Ms Li,

And the awesome Ms Fong, Ms Viv and Ms Lyn!

You have made my last four years special,

I learnt to hold my arms straighter and be more settled.

And all the kueh bulus and strawberries,

To make us go high and filled with energy.

I love dance more than I ever did,

Because of all the people who are part of it.

I'll never forget you guys, ever,

You all belong in my heart forever.

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