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True Love and Freedom.

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I'm a little depressed sometimes, so I just write to get stuff out of my system. I mean, bipolarism is like my middle name. Anyway, I got to thinking about those who love others who don't love them and I just got really heartbroken. Hence, there is this poem. :) Amelia, this is for you:) 


Fate has a way with her tricky fingers,

She gives you puzzles and mazes.

She will never give you a straight path,

Because an easy one would never save us.

Save us from what? From happy endings,

Happy endings and all its perfection.

It would be too much to let us off,

So we must go through trails and deception.

So we have to learn to trick fate,

And convince her that we’re suffering.

Only then may she lessen her blows,

Answer our questions, stop our wondering.

But then again, should we fail,

We only add fuel to fire.

She becomes so angry,

She sets on a path that never tires.

She will torment us with our nightmares,

Trick us into empty promises.

She’ll torture us with false hope,

And kill us with food shortages.

Maybe she’ll even switch our loves,

And make us fall in love with the wrong guy.

She might make the prince appear later,

Or let a dragon slice him apart; leaving him to die.

Maybe she’ll put the lovers in the dungeons,

But wouldn’t that be a too easy death?

No, she will twist their minds, break their souls,

Fabricate lies, creating lies and unsaid.

Then, until she is pleased and satisfied,

She would slow the game down.

Depending on her mood and her diet,

She might bring the lovers home, unsound.

I’m hoping she takes it easy on me,

But I think she has other plans.

I’m trying to figure her game out,

But its like walking in heels on sand.

I’m sinking into her clutches,

And I can’t do anything about it.

This is my fate, I guess,

And I’m going to fight even if I bleed.

What’s a little blood, after all?

For true love and freedom.

To break away from her hold,

And to gain expertise and wisdom. 

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