"The Birthday."

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This was for a friend's birthday(: honestly, that was the first time I wrote a fairytale in a guy's perspective and I was so afraid of getting it wrong! Anyway, remember Yivette? If you don't know her, read the previous fairytale. COUGH COUGH, this was kinda INSPIRED by both of them then. Enjoy!

The Birthday:

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there lived a prince. He was pretty tall, well built, with a nice smile and long, long lashes and he had many duchesses' setting their eyes on him for their daughters. The prince had everything he ever wanted, from a splendid palace coated with marble and gold, to silk tunics with silver thread and bronze hemming. But somehow, he always felt empty, like some part of him was missing; snatched away from him or lost, but he just couldn't figure out what.

From young, the prince had little friends. His parents were always busy with the matters of state and the maids and palace guards didn't want to talk to him. As he grew up, he learnt soon enough to accept the silence and gradually, he became more and more quiet. Years past and soon, he grew into a fine young man.

Soon enough, his birthday drew near. The King had decided to throw a ball in his honor and he had invited all the princes and princesses from the different kingdoms to join in the celebration. This had the prince worried for he had little experience interacting with people his age and from the many books he had read, they were a rather grim and terrifying lot to began with. In fact, his imagination took him so far as the night before the ball, he couldn't sleep at all. He paced around his balcony, trying to calm down but he couldn't. Not even the sultry night air or the smell of flowers could ease him and he plopped down on his velvet couch in fustration. He looked up at the night sky to see millions of stars glittering in the backdrop of the night, sparkling and twinkling softly. The more he looked, the calmer he grew and soon, he fell asleep.

In his dreams, he saw a girl playing by the medow. She had long, black hair and pretty brown eyes with skin the glowed luminiously even in the soft sunshine that filtered through the leaves of the ancient, gnarled trees that seem to surround the medow. She didn't appear to see him, so he dared to go a little closer. She was picking the wild flowers that grew there, humming a tune to herself. Curious to the tune she was singing, he tried to edge a little closer but just then, he accidentally stepped on a twig. It snapped loud and clear, the sharp tone, reverbrating through the clearing. The girl stopped humming and looked in his direction, and for a moment, their eyes met, brown to brown. The prince felt a tingle in his spine and quickly drew back, breathing hard. He heard soft footsteps coming closer and then, he was awake. The sun shone down on him brightly and he rubbed his eyes blearily. Then, he remembered. Who was she?

During the ball, it turned out that the prince's fears were unfounded. The princes and princesses were perfectly charming and he laughed at the anxiety he had before. Besides, they looked very fine indeed, with the princes looking tall and gallant in their suites while the princesses twirled in their brightly coloured gowns with their silver masks and tiaras with pasted rhinestones and diamonds. The prince exhaled contentedly sa he stood by the balcony, just enjoying the atmosphere of the ball when he heard a musical laugh. He jumped in shock and spun around, nearly knocking down the princess behind him. She was dressed in a dark, velvet gown that complimented her pale skin and her black hair framed her porcelain face. A silver tiara set with emeralds stood proudly on her head and she wore a matching mask that only covered half her face.

"Ogling at princesses?" she teased. "That's not what i would expect from a future ruler."

The prince felt his cheeks redden unmistakably.

"I was not!" he said defensively.

The princess gave that same musical laugh again and strode over to stand beside him. The prince felt his skin heat up. He was a little uncertain, for she seemed vaguely familiar but it couldn't be the case. He had never seen her before. He had no friends. From the side, he noticed that she had wild flowers intertwined in her hair.

"Sure you are." she sighed. "It's a lovely ball you have there."

"Yes," he agreed. "And to think i was so-" he broke off quickly. What was he doing, telling her his thoughts.

"So?" she prompted, looking at him curiously. He saw that she had brown eyes.

"I was scared." he said hurriedly.

The prince had half expected her to turn her head and stalk off, laughing at his stupidity and introvertness. But instead, she smiled a tiny gentle smile.

"I know that feeling." she pretended to whisper urgently as if they were in some crisis.

"You do?" the prince couldn't believe her.

She nodded.

"Being lonely is an unmistakable factor in royalty. I'm guessing you feel the same way." she shrugged, the folds of her skirt swaying.

The prince turned his attention back to the ball room. "I agree." he said somberly.

"Well," the princess turned to him. "You're not lonely now, right? You have a ball here." she smiled.

"Maybe." he said reluctantly. "It is one of my best birthdays though."

"Because I'm here?" she teased.

The prince rolled his eyes. She was funny.

"As if." he scoffed.

"Oh, or you can take this chance to ogle at princesses." she suggested, her eyes filled with mischief.

"I told you already," he felt so embarrassed. "I wasn't ogling! I have better things to do." he smiled.

"Ah. I see. Like, talking to me." she pretended to give a yawn, as though she was bored of their conversation.

"Yeah. Maybe.." he searched for a way to counter her sarcastic attack. "I should find someone taller to talk to."

The princess narrowed her eyes. "Thank you for such a charming remark, Your Highness." she snapped.

The prince laughed and bowed.

"I have to go back in to attend to the guests. I'll...see you later." he said.

The princess smiled.

"Time to get back to ogling." she added.

The prince couldn't resist sighing in exasperation.

"Think anything you want. I can't be bothered with you."

Just before he stepped back through the big brass door, he felt a hand close around his wrist.

"If you ever need a friend though," he could hear the laughter in her voice. "I'll be right here." '

The prince turned around to see that she had taken her mask off. She looked really familiar.

"My name is Shawn." he said lamely, bowing.

"Yivette." she smiled.

Shawn felt his own smile stretch across his lips.

"I'll be back."

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