Sent Home

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"But Jay... I don't want to go into school today." Ashley complained as Jay held her hand tight, walking with her to her class. (Shes 9 years old)
"Too bad, you have thing's to learn. People to see. And I have a job to do, people to see. And Will has a job to do, lives to save." Jay explained simply to her.
"Fine. But just because I know I'd have to sit with Adam if I went to the station with you." She groaned.

Around an hour before Dinner time however the school had a powercut. Thinking it would be back on before dinner, the children were told to wait in schools and continue learning as they were doing before. Although that was found rather hard as the children weren't focusing, and their work was shown online. So at dinner, phone calls and emails were sent out to parents to pick up their child or give permission for them to walk home.
Will, being her Emegency contact, was phoned. He had told the school to let Ashley walk to the station. Which was only a small distance away. And that she had plenty of people there that would help her out when she got there.

Time passed and Ashley got to the station. Around 12:36. She walked inside , instantly going up to the front desk where Trudy was at, doing some paperwork.

"Hey Trudy, is my brother upstairs?" She asked.
"It's not even 1pm yet, Ashley. Tell me why you are here and not in your classroom learning?" Trudy asked, looking up at her.
"Powercut. We got sent home." She explained.

Trudy looked at her suspicious before checking her computer, seemingly checking to ensure she was telling the truth.

"Alright. You're fine. Your brother isn't back just yet, but Voight is upstairs getting ready for them to return. You can head up and have something to eat while you wait for your brother." Trudy stated.
"Thanks!" She grinned and then walked upstairs.

Once upstairs, she waved at Voight who was on the phone, and then walked into the kitchen grabbing some food out. She was eating the food when Voight walked in.

"Sent home?" Voight asked.
"Yeah. Powercut. When is my brother getting back?" She asked.
"Soon." Voight nodded.

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