Another Driver

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Ashley had just finished school so she walked outside and sat on the wall like normal. She had no idea who was picking her up, so she grabbed out her phone from her pocket.

Trudy had a specialist make her clothes. A sister of a cop was a big deal, they were threatened a lot.

It was her skirt, it had shorts under with pockets. one with her phone in. The other, with a pocket knife, a call button which sent an emergency alarm to the whole station. Then an id card. Saying she was the sister of the Detective.

She grabbed out her phone, checking it. Jay had sent a message that she sent Sean and Kim to grab her. Apparently they'd be in a police car.

They arrived a minute later.
"Come on Ashley!" Kim shouted out of the window.
"Coming!" She spoke, running over and getting in the back of the car.

"Thanks for getting me." She smiled.
"Yep. Let's get you back to the station." Sean explained.

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