"And He's the Calm Brother."

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After Ash's boyfriend, age 16. Punched her. He took her to the hospital. Mainly in suspect that her nose was broken.
His name was Jake. The only thing was, Jay and Will never trusted him with her.

As soon as she arrived, Maggie instantly saw her.
"Oh god! Ash! What happened?" She asked.
"Mind getting her brother?" Jake asked.
"Sure." She said before rushing off.
"don't tell them anything." Jake spat.
"He's my brother. He'll know if I'm lying." She told him.
"I don't care. He's a doctor.Not a cop." Jake told her.

"What happened?" Will spoke, running over. Not speed walking. Running.
"She walked into a wall." Jake explained as Will helped Ashley sit down, looking at her nose.
"Is that true?" Will asked her.
"Um.. Yeah... Walked into a wall..." She mumbled.

"Right... Jake. Get out." Will told him.
"I'm here supporting my girlfriend." Jake spat.
"And shes my little sister, so. Get. Out. Before I call security." he told him.
"Fine." Jake spoke, stepping outside of the room.

He checked her nose, before standing back, handing her a ice pack April brought over.

"Who hit you?" He asked.
"I.. No one." She looked away.
"I know when someone has hit you. You wouldn't get this from walking into a door or a wall. You've done it before, full force. This has tons of bruising forming. And Connor's gonna need to sort it out." Will explained.
"Fine... he hit me." She spoke, looking down. He was the calm brother... he wouldn't do anything. Right?


Will instantly walked outside.
"How dare you punch my sister!" He yelled. Ashley instantly shot up in a way to save Jake's life.
"I-I D-Didn't touch her!" Jake yelled, stepping back away from Will.

Dr Rhodes and Dr Choi instantly rushed over, grabbing Will and keeping him away from Jake.

"What happened?" Choi asked her.
"I told Will that Jake punched me." Ashley explained, motioning to her nose.

"You punched...A kid... Protected by this hospital... And the police?" Connor asked, stepping forwards. He went to punch him, however Choi grabbed his arm.

"I suggest you leave. If you ever even talk to Ashley... Even step close to her. I won't be afraid to let this whole hospital. And the whole Police station get at you." Choi spat at Jake.
"Oh! And Jake. Will's the calm brother." Ashley winked
"Expect police at your door." Will said, getting out his phone to call Jay.

As said, Jay, Alvin, Hank, Antonio, Erin, Adam and Kevin all turned up to his house not even an hour later.

No one has seen Jake since that Day.

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