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A suggestion from yesterday, but since I was trying to deal with something involving Autism, I had to prospone this.
Anyways, I will say what the comment said and then we will start.

"Hi, can you write a story where Ashley is a teenager and almost drowns."

I changed Ashley from she and then I sorted out some capital letters.

So, let's do this one.

"I can't wait!" Ashley grinned as she changed into her swimming suit.
Chicago PD were at the swimming centre for the day to have fun.

Ashley was currently the only girl there due to Erin choosing not to come, therefore she changed alone. The men in the other room changing together.

Her outfit:

Although you can change it to something you would wear out in public

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Although you can change it to something you would wear out in public. I just find this style apsolutely beautiful. I personally wouldn't wear it. I'm not comfortable in my body. But if you'd wear it, alright. And if you wouldn't. You can change the style that you wanna have on. Heck, you can wear leggings and a top to go swimming if you really want.

She walked out to meet the group near the pool, tying her hair in a bun. She had conditioner and shampoo ready for after her swim so that she wouldn't have to damage her hair.

She rushed over to her brother, instantly smiling.
"Hey Jay." She grinned.
"Hey kid." He smiled.
"I'm not a kid anymore." She rolled her eyes.
"Afraid you are." Voight stated.

They all went and swam around for a bit.
Jay and Ashley were messing around together, pushing each other.
However, she didn't expect him to pick her up and throw her in the deep end.
The downside was the fact Ashley couldn't even swim properly in the shallow water. NEVER MIND the deep end.

She began trying to get up to oxygen, however that was quite impossible. She was worried and stressing. Not relaxing.

Antonio had noticed a moment before Jay threw her and was therefore able to grab her quickly. Lifting her up and leaning her on him. Her face over his shoulder, above the water. A large support.

"it's alright kid." He spoke, patting her back.
"You alright Ash?" Jay questioned, rushing over.
"... 'M fine. Thanks Tonio." She smiled to him.
"That's fine." Antonio smiled, swimming backwards while slowly holding her. As soon as he was in the lower end, he placed her down to be coddled by Voight, Adam, Kevin and Alvin. All talking about how she nearly just died.

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