Called In

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Ashley was in Science, aged 15, she however, felt her phone buzz. Knowing she'd get caught. She didn't check it.

Five mintues later, a woman came to the door.

"Hello, could I take Ashley Halstead with her things? An officer called Sergeant Voight is here to pick her up." He explained.
"Did he say why?" Ash asked, grabbing her bag and following her out.
"Afraid not." She shook her head as she saw Hank.

"Hey Hank." She smiled.
"Here. Come on. We need you." He spoke, throwing a bag to her.
"Did Jay agree?" She asked, walking to his car and getting in. "He argued, but agreed." Hank explained.

Hank explained what she would need to do today, watching the road since she was getting changed into an outfit. It was already dirty and slightly ripped.
He then motioned to the makeup.

"Need bruises over yourself. I know you know how to do it." Hank spoke.
"On it." She nodded, begining to make fake bruises all over her face, neck and arms. Along with fake dirt on her. It had to look like she couldn't aford much.

She then took her hair out of her perfect style. She then messed it up a bit.
"How do I look?" She asked.
"You look great. Now, here we are. Find Antonio so he can get you all Sorted out." Hank explained, going to find Alvin. She just instantly found Antonio helping Jay with his stuff. He too was dressed up like her.
Afterall, they would be siblings in this little 'mission'

Antonio walked over before helping her with her equipment.
"Ready for this mission, Ash?" Antonio asked, putting something behind her ear.

He then handed her a smaller gun.
"Right, rule for this, only use it if you need to. You have to give it to Jay as soon as this is over. You probably won't need it. But it's just in case." Antonio explained as she hid the gun under her jacket and her jeans.

They finished quickly before Jay and her went to the corner of a street. She sat down on the floor right next to Jay's legs. She just looked down, messing with her hands.

She heard a man walk over. Ready to talk to Jay.

"Who's that?" He asked, Jay handing him money as the man gave a small bag.
"My sister. Couldn't leave her at home. Dad's been getting rather aggresive. Couldn't leave her, y'know?" Jay asked.
"Yeah." The man nodded before crouching infront of her, pulling her chin up.Eying her 'bruises'

"Your following the right path." He told her before standing up and going to leave.

"Chicago Police! Stop!" Jay yelled, his gun pointing at the man.

The man instantly grabbed Ashley, pulling her and putting a gun to her head. Moving to lean on the wall so he knew where people were. She rolled her eyes. She began getting her gun out of her place.

She heard something in her ear, which she could tell was Hank. A very gentle voice.

"Ash. I need you to shoot him in the leg. Don't worry. You won't get in trouble." He explained.

Ashley looked at her brother, who just nodded to her, his eyes full of worry. His gun still pointed at the man.

Ash pointed her gun backwards where his leg was.
"PUT YOUR GUN DOWN OR I'LL SHOOT!" The man yelled at Jay. However cried out when a gunshot was made. He instantly dropped. Ash moved as Jay quickly cuffed him. Antonio took over as Jay grabbed hold of his siter, holding her and praising her.

Hank rushed over a second later.
"Well done, Ashley." He spoke, instantly taking her and hugging her. "You did so well." He mumbled.
"I shot him..." She mumbled.
"You did the right thing. Don't worry." Jay told her.
"Won't I get in trouble?" She asked.
"Nope. No one will know that you shot him. In our eyes, you did nothing but act." Alvin told her.

As promised, Alvin and Hank made sure no one knew it was Ashley that shot him.

The only downside was that Will ended up finding out. Surprisingly not as mad as they reconed. He was just comforting to Ash.

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