Head Injury Pt 2

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After figuring out how Ashley had learnt to climb, which they found was Kelly Severide. Jay and Will instantly left the hospital (Maggie watching over her) And went to Chicago Fire station.

"Severide!" Jay yelled.
Severide walked over. "What's up?" He asked,
"You taught our sister to climb up a tree. Well done, she fell off one earlier. Dislocated her shoulder and got a servere concusion. Stitches too." Will explained.
"Shit. Sorry." Severide spoke.

Instantly the station began lecturing him about not teaching a 7 year old girl how to climb. Especially when she was a kid of 2 overprotective brothers.

He was then brought to Chicago PD. Where Voight, Alvin and Antonio gave a 2 hour lecture on why not to teach their 'kid' stuff that would possibly get her killed.

Jay and Will then took him to Chicago Med. He got a quick lecture from April. Connor Rhodes and Dr Choi before Maggie got to him.

Let's just say Severide was lucky not to have staples in his head since Maggie hit him with a stapler.

Kelly appologised to the young Halstead, telling her to never climb a tree without supervision and then left quickly due to Will's eyes on him. Not wanting the brothers to have their turn on beating the crap out of him.

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