First Investigation

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Ages 7.

"Right class, Ben's pen is missing. Who took it?" The teacher asked.

People kept denying it, and therefore, the teacher just ignored the situation.
However, Ashley knew this wasn't over, so when the rest of the class left for break. She remained in the classroom.

How they could leave a child alone, unsupervised. She had no idea. She'd tell her brothers later on.

She went to Ben's desk, checking all of his stuff and concluded his pen wasn't there.
She then checked people on the desk around. Seeing no pen she decided to think of Ben's friends. Checking each of their desks. No one had it from the friends.

Finally, she checked Adams desk. He wasn't nice to Ben and was actually quite rude to him.
She checked his pencil case, and saw it in there instantly. She sighed.

She put the pen back in Ben's pencil case, grabbing a peice of paper, folding it and writing Adam's name. Putting it in his desk before writing a note to the teacher, telling her that it had been him.

She then went to break, going straight to her friends to hang out with them.

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