Hit by a Car

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Another Suggestion by another amazing person. This is however a small chapter since I really am tired. It was a long day at school.
here is what the suggestion said:

"Hey! Can you do a chapter or two of Ashley being hit by a car and then how her brothers react to the news?"

Of course, I will do this. So i do wish for you all to enjoy.

Age 6

Ashley was sat outside of the school waiting. Her brothers weren't here to pick her up and it was starting to go dark. The teachers had already left so it wasn't like she could ask for help.
Another downside was that she was NOT aloud to cross the road, meaning getting to the 21st would be impossible.

Finally, after 5 more minutes, she decided she should go and TRY to get to the 21st. She crossed the first road safely. But while she crossed the second road. Something hit her. Hard. She didn't remember anything else. She saw darkness.

Jay getting a call from the hospital:

"Yeah, so if that happens, we can always just break in." Antonio shrugged.
"Good idea." Voight nodded but glanced at Jay as his phone rang. He stepped to the side and answered it.

"Jay Halstead speaking."  He spoke.
"Hello Jay Halstead, I'm calling you in contact of your 6 year old sister. She was hit by a car not too long ago and is currently in the Emergency room of Chicago Med." The woman stated.
"Right. I'll be there soon." Jay stated before hanging up. He then rushed to grab his stuff.

"Halstead, where are you going? We're in the middle of a case." Voight stated.
"Ashley got hit by a car." Jay stated.
"Ok then, you can go. Contact us once you know something." Voight nodded to him.
Jay didn't need to be told twice, as he was out of the Police building 2 seconds after being aloud to.

Will's reaction to being told:

Will was sat with Dr Rhodes as they had their break. However got confused as Maggie walked in, looking concerned. She went to Connor, whispering something to him before rushing back out.

Will tried to leave 5 minutes later to get back to work. Connor stood in the way of the door.
"You can sit back down! It's fine, your not needed yet!" Connor tried to explain.
"Yes I am. What's going on?" Will asked.
"Fine, your sister was brought in and I wasn't aloud to let you see her till they know nothing is going to go w-" Connor was interupted by Will shoving him to the side before running out in search of his sister.

Ashley ended up actually quite fine.

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