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Another amazing suggestion sent to me today. Driving.... That one somewhat terrifying thing to do, that could end with you either fine for the time being, or end up crashed into another car.
It's one of those things that if you do, you don't  know if you'll survive or not.
Anyways, I got a suggestion about Ashley driving. I wont say the comment since it's confusing but since I work with confusing comments, I somewhat understand.

After a small chat with the person suggesting the story, I finally figured out what she wanted to read, so of course. Here is the story.
Ashey is 19.

"Jay! Will!" Ashley yelled, walking into the house.
"What's wrong?" Jay asked, walking into the front room.
"I got my licence!" She grinned, holding it up.
"Oo! Finally!" Will smiled, hugging his youngest sibling.
"Can we go for a drive? I wanna show my talents off." She grinned.
"I'm down for that." Jay smiled.
"Let's go then." Will told her.

Ashley was in the drivers seat.
Jay called dibs.
Will was sat in the back.

They were driving around for quite some time. Jay acting like every sterotypical mother, complaining that he was either too quick or too slow. Even though she remained at the speed limit throughout the drive.

"This is great, Ash. Your amazing at driving. Well done." Will complimented.
"Your going to be a cop right? it's a good thing. You've gotta be talented in driving. Seems she got the driving skills from me." Jay smirked.
"Fine. Maybe it was talent from you." Will shrugged and smiled before they headed home to eat.

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