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Ok so quite a lot of this season has been requests from you lot. And I do have another request, but know that you can message me whenever with a request since you all start with 'Do you Take Requests' So yeah, I do. Here's this request for 'Bad Word.'

Heres what the person wrote. I wont say who wrote it, mainly because I don't have permission. And because some people request some weird stuff. So they may not want everyone to know they wrote it.
Heres what it said.
(Please note they asked if I did requests and I answered with 'Sure am. What's your request' So you know why it doesn't make sense on it's own) + (I've edited their sentence so it's somewhat gramatically correct.)

"Well she says a bad word and Jay asks how she learnt it. She tells him it was Adam that taught her. (She is 1)"

So of course, as requested, let's do this!

Ashley and Jay had just got home from work. Jay's job since Will was on a 38 hour shift.
Jay didn't have to worry about Ashley while he went undercover.
The group were looking after Ashley all day.

Voight watched her for as long as he could. (One hour)
Antonio watched her for the next two hours.
Kevin watched her for half an hour with Kim.
Alvin watched her for five minutes before getting called home by his wife.
And finally, Adam... He watched her for the remainder of the night. Teaching her some... Not so good things.

So... Here's the flashback.

"Come on Ashley, you gotta eat your... Apples and banana baby food, kiddo..." Adam sighed to the grumpy 1 year old.
Before Jay left, he had said that she will do anything for food, seeing as she never misbehaved infront of Jay or Will.
But Adam found that it was only Will, Jay, Alvin and Voight that managed to get the baby to eat.

"For fuck sake... Kid. Come on. Your brother will kill me if you don't eat." He stated, not thinking she'd repeat it since she only knew how to say people's names.
"Fuck." Ashley repeated with a smirk. She knew what she was doing.
"Wait! No! No! No! Don't repeat that." Adam told her.
"Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck." She stated.

So yeah, that happened, and now they were at home.
Jay placed her down before going into the kitchen to get her sippy cup of juice. Adding her vitimins to it since Will was rather adament that she needed them.

He walked out however, stubbed his toe. He cried out.
(The worst pain ever)
"Fuck!" Ashley spoke.
Jay looked up, no longer caring about his toe, how it felt broken. "What did you just say? Where di you learn that young lady?" He asked.
"Ad..." She tried his name, having not said it in ages. "Adam." She tried again and got it.
"Adam taught you to say that mean word? We don't say those words, alright?" He asked.
"Okay!" She smiled.

The next day, Adam was found 'slightly' beat up in the locker rooms. Though, when Adam complained to people, most didn't care.

Voight threw a book at him.
Trudy smacked him round the head.
Antonio just ignored him.
Kevin shook his head and walked off.
Alvin just threatened him to not teach her anything else.

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