Kissing Issues

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Can it be that Ashley is 16 and is kissing a boyfriend when Jay and Will aren't home. When they get home, they call out to her and she doesn't answer. When they walk into her room, the guy had no top on but Ashley does. Jay grabs him by the collar and like drags him out of her bedroom. Voight and the unit talk with him as well as Ashley. Will and Jay have an argued with Ashley but Kim and Antonio convince him too cool it or something like that. Yiu can change a few things

Ashley Age : 16
Boyfriend Age :18

Ashley had been dating her boyfriend Seb for a bit. They never explained their age, but since they were in the same class, she just assumed he was close to her own age.
Either way, a day that her brothers were out working, she decided to bring him to the house, but get him to leave before the time her brothers were done with their shift.

Of course it gave them a bit of extra time if she did that, so she didn't worry too much if she didn't have the time to get him out. Mainly because he;d be out before anything would happen.

Ashley and Seb spent a lot of time just cuddling, kissing and more. Infact, he took his shirt off a moment ago because they spilt some water on him.

"God... Glad today's over. It was exhausting." jay sighed.
"Agree'd. Ashley!" Will yelled the last part.

"Weird. She's not answering." Jay muttered as they walked up to her room.

Jay knocked on the door before then opening it.
Jay's face instantly turned to anger before he rushed over, grabbing the boy by the back of the neck before simply dragging him out of the bedroom and out to his car. Pushing him in the backseat as Ashley rushed over.

Will just went for a nap. Understanding his police brother would look after the situation.
"IN. Now." Jay told his sister. She sat in the front seat.

Jay dragged the man up the stairs of his work space. Dragging him to the interogation room before shoving him to sit down as Voight walked in.

"So whos this?" Voight asked.
"This idiot was in Ashley's bedroom. Shirtless and kissing." He explained.

Voight and Jay spoke to him for a bit. Finding out his age. Voight told the man he would be arrested because Ashley was underage and he was overage.

Ashley was given a bit of time to speak to him. Knowing everything now.

"I can't believe you lied to me." She stated.
"I really did love you! I promise!" Seb explained.
"Sure. We're breaking up though. My brothers already pissed. Your lucky he never got permission to be in here with you alone." She stated before leaving the room.

"Chill out!" Antonio stated as Jay was punching things in the locker room.
"She's a grown girl. She can choose her own relationships." Kim sighed.
"Fine. Only because she dumped his stupid ass!" Jay snapped.

It was going to be a long day

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